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Welcome to IAPS Security Services, Ltd's home on the web. We are happy to see you and we welcome you into our home. As we offer quite a variety of services including Residential VPN's, Residential Remote Desktops, 4G LTE VPN's and RDP's, and Residential Proxies we have the right service available to suit your exact needs.

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If you need dedicated residential ip's for Poker (Poker Stars, 888, William Hill, Full Tilt, Party Poker, Ladbrokes Poker, Betfair Poker, etc.) Google Adwords Accounts, or Bing Ad Accounts, we have you covered with two types of products based specifically on security needs: Traditional Residential VPN's or the more secure Residential Remote Desktops.

If you are a social media account farmer, such as a Facebook Account Farmer (for creating traditional PVA or Facebook Ad-Ready Accounts) we've got you covered under our American IPv6 Verizon networks. (Verizon Fios, Verizon Internet Services, and Verizon Wireless.) For these projects we implement massive residential ipv6 networks so we're never left in a position where we run out of clean, new, and residential ip addresses. Whether you need multiple U.S. states, or cities both are covered, including zip codes. Clients do not need native ipv6 connectivity from their local isp or data center. We will supply you with ipv6 connectivity on your local isp through our networks directly to your local machines.

If you are in the market for something new, have a look at our 4G LTE Residential (Mobile) VPN's or its matching counterpart 4G LTE Residential Remote Desktops. If you are in a niche that demands mobile ip addresses, these two products have you well taken care of. These two products are highly recommended for clients in survey markets, and small Facebook, Google, and Bing account farming operations.

If you are in the Sneaker Mass Buying Market, Residential Proxies (By City, State, & Country) would be most suited for your industry. Based on what bot buyers need most, which is hundreds to thousands of concurrent threads, this service is specifically suited to your exact needs. Each professionally built and tailored gateway consists of 128 concurrent threads each using a different residential isp and ip address. This means each gateway gives you 128 different residential proxy ip addresses per use. Clients are permitted to purchase additional 128-thread gateways.

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