(How-To) The Era of Adsense Auto-Clicking

Many intuitive folks out there want to monetize their websites, their youtube videos, and anything else they can slap advertisements on. Thats pretty much the way of the web and everyone is looking for their own piece of the adsense pie.

For those that know about Google Adsense, and those that deploy these types of revenue generating ads, your income per month can greatly increase with the help of a few things:

Fire Fox, iMacros, and a bit of IPv6 action.

Auto-clicking Adsense

Using rudimentary basics, we have our primary browser (Fire Fox), iMacros implemented with full code, and a never ending always rotating (but never using the same ipv6 ip address twice, system that can play and play 24 hours a day and never skip a beat.

With additional browser add-ons, we can skew the fact that we are using just one version of firefox, our operating system, whether we have a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, as well as automatically changing our screen sizes. Lots of room there to customize exactly what we want our analytics (and Google) to see.

Adsense, if implemented correctly, can mean the difference between barely getting paid, and balling like a real pimp.

In the demonstration above, we’ve deployed Windows 10 Professional systems, but the methods can be used on any end-user operating system or even Windows servers. The platform you use is completely up to you.

This project, as well as help in implementation can be found under our store here.



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