British Residential Online TV Streaming

British Residential Online TV Streaming

For many years now, British nationals and people all around the world who are fans of British online tv, including the BBC’s iPlayer and ITV have used various methods to bypass the ongoing blockage of out-of-country folks. This means that you could only stream British TV if you were physically inside the country.

But what if you were physically located outside of the country? This meant no tv streaming for you pursuant to the tv license laws of the United Kingdom. However, savvy internet users have long found ways around that through the usage of vpn’s, proxies, and smart dns services. While smart dns is a choice for some, it lacks the fundamentals needed to get all the tv producers content.

Then we come to vpn services. 5 years ago nearly any data center ip address based in the United Kingdom could get around the tv blocks. But the tv producers say this and started cracking down on commercial tv providers. Then we saw the rise of the residential vpn service and to this day the method is the most solid way that still works and will continue to work, so long as the residential internet service provider isn’t abused.

Setting up multiple servers carrying Virgin Media as the preferred internet service provider on 300 mb/s networks, IAPS has continued to supply our British nationals located outside the United Kingdom with the tv services of their choice. If British Residential Online TV Streaming is of interest to you, come see us today.


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