Facebook AD Guide To Not Getting Disabled 100%

For those of you needing residential networks to start farming your facebook accounts first, head over to the IAPS Store to pick up everything you need.

This all starts off with creating your Facebook page using business.facebook.com.

Never create a Facebook page off the normal Facebook platform. Believe me, your ads won’t be able to run smoothly by just “boosting” your posts. You must make an account using http://www.business.facebook.com. What is this you say? Well this is Facebook’s Business Platform where you can create your ad campaign and target the customers that would most likely buy what you’re selling. This also has a lot of other cool features, including Facebook Pixel. For those of you who run stores, you can use this to have Facebook do the selling for you. I literally mean that. That’s a different topic mainly for drop shipping.

This isn’t to teach you how to run your page nor set-up a page. This is to show you how to make sure you can run your business smooth with no obstacles in the way. To learn how to set-up a new Facebook page using the Business Manager side of Facebook please go here -http://http://www.blog.hootsuite.com/steps-to-create-a-facebook-business-page/

Back on topic…

Once you have your Page created you’re going to want to go to the page and at the top right click the “Gear” and click Settings. Go to page roles and add 1-3 close friends as an Admin. (This will come in handy later)

Well now that you have the admins set for the page you’re ready to get started with step 2.

Trusted Payment Method
Let’s be real. The main reason for your ad accounts being disabled isn’t because you did anything wrong. It’s because Facebook does NOT trust your current payment method on file. To get around this it’s quite simple. Go to any game that you can play on the Facebook platform and play it. My favorite to play as it’s the most efficient and easiest is Candy Crush. The trick is to play the game for a good 15 minutes. Once you do that, go to the game store and purchase something worth $5 with the payment method you’re going to be using on your ad. This will show Facebook they can trust that source of payment method as they have been paid by it now. (Smart huh?)

Once Facebook trusts your payment method you have made it past step 2 and are ready for the ad itself!

Facebook AD

You have a trusted payment method, you have a few admins for your page. Now head over to business.facebook.com and go to your Personal Ad Page. To do that go to the top right of the page and click on the current page your on.

Once you go to your personal ad account click “Create Ad”

Create the ad the way you’d like and boom you’re almost done!

Verification Process
This is where your admins or yourself come into handy. The admins are meant for back-ups. Mainly what you do is if you post the ad and it still gives you the verify your identity error you verify by your id, or in this case, if you’re on a fake facebook, switch your ad account to your friend’s Facebook. ( This means getting their Facebook info. Telling them you will only use Business.Facebook.com and show them what it is.) Get a pre-paid visa and register under their name and use that as a payment method. Have your friend make that account an admin then use that account to post your ad. If the verification process gets you, just post the picture of the ID and within 24 hours Facebook will now trust your ad account fully.


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