(How-To) Satisfy Your Netflix Fix

If you are looking to satisfy your Netflix fix and you are located outside the continental United States, there are simple ways to still do this.

The only factor foreigners (or U.S. nationals located abroad) are missing is a U.S. Residential IP Address.

This can be easily solved by getting yourself an American Residential VPN Service.

Whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC, an American residential vpn service can instantly get you back to streaming your favorite shows, movies, and documentaries on Netflix, just the way you like it.

Keep in mind though, the further away you are located from the United States, the higher the bandwidth speed you need to have from your local isp. The higher the speed you have, the better the streaming performance you will receive.

Another suggestion for those with low international bandwidth, including those on 3G dongle’s and those located in rural areas, is the Residential Remote Desktop.

The residential remote desktop sits right at the source and does not depend upon your local isp’s speed or international bandwidth. It streams directly at the source and is viewable directly from your own desktop/laptop/mobile device.

Take both of these recommendations to heart depending upon your particular situation. There is never a time where one solution fits everyone’s life style, and options need to be made available to the most broad audience possible.

In conclusion, if you are a die-hard Netflix fan, continuing to watch your favorites is still very easily possible.


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