New Configurations for Remote Desktop Hardware

The following specifications are now available for global Residential Remote Desktops:

Ram: 4 GB DDR3
Processor Cores: 4
Processor Threads: 8
Hyper-Threading Technology: Yes
Processor Type: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz
Hard Drive Type: NVMe SSD
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional [v.1709]
Free Addons: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus [Optional]

Residential Remote Desktops now feature the latest technology and are the fastest versions ever produced. An NVMe SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) combined with one of the latest and fastest Intel i7 processors made combines for a truly awesome remote desktop venture.

If you are looking for a truly fast as light remote desktop, then this is the setup you want.



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