Released: Craigslist Proxy Packages

Craigslist Proxy PackagesWelcome to the Craigslist Proxy Package (10 Specific Cities)

This package is tailor-made specifically for Craigslist posters. This package permits users to request 10 specific cities of their choosing where they need genuine residential proxies from.

This is a dynamic residential proxy system, which means the user has an unlimited amount of auto-rotating residential proxies available to them from every major internet service provider in those particular cities.

Users have the option to not just request major cities, but smaller and lesser known cities as well. Check with Skype Support (iaps_support) for smaller city availability prior to purchasing. If you are after major cities only, then be sure to list the 10 cities in the notes box during the checkout process.

This is a no-software required system. This product does not require the user to install anything. It is delivered as an ip:port scenario. This means it is supported on all systems and devices regardless of whether its Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, or Symbian. This is an http delivery system, not a socks5 system.

Auth for this system is performed by username:password. This system does not offer ipauth. This is a closed private system and it does not use scraped proxies. These are privately owned and operated systems.

With 10 cities of your choice and an unlimited amount of residential proxies, your advertising and selling just quadrupled on Craigslist!


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