Residential IP Remote Desktop

What is a Residential IP Remote Desktop?

Remote desktop is a program or an operating system feature that allows a user to connect to a computer in another location, see that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local.

Now what are some common tasks we can do this remote desktop?

Access a workplace computer from home or when traveling.
Access a home computer from other locations.
Fix a computer problem.
Perform administrative tasks.
Demonstrate something, such as a process or a software application

These are common use things we can do. What else can we do with our remote desktop and its associated residential ip address?

Create Google Adword Accounts
Create Facebook Accounts
Remotely manage ad accounts from any network
Spying on your competitors landing pages
Shopping on Supreme New York

These suggestions are just a few of the hundreds of things that can be performed with a Residential IP Remote Desktop.

Your next question may be: Ok, we can do many tasks with a residential remote desktop, but what type of hardware is being used for these systems? This is an excellent question to ask because hardware means a lot in remote environments. IAPS deploys the following hardware for our remote desktop systems:

Processor Cores: 4
Processor Threads: 8
Hyper-Threading Technology: Yes
Processor Type: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz
Hard Drive Type: NVMe SSD
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional [v.1709]
Free Addons: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus [Optional]



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