Verizon IPv6 for Facebook Farmers & Google Adwords

Today’s post will focus on Facebook Ad-Ready and Google Adwords Verizon IPv6 operations.

For those farmers out there desperately needing ip addresses to continue their farming operations, whether its Facebook Ad-Ready accounts or Google Adwords accounts, Verizon IPv6’s are to the rescue.

With our recently re-vamped packages, we are now issuing complete Verizon IPv6 /64 (18,446,744,073,709,551,616) usable ipv6 ip addresses. No longer will you have to be a slave to a data center. No longer will you have to worry about accounts getting caught for data center ip addresses. Also gone are the days of running out of ip addresses. All of this is fixed entirely with the mass deployment of Verizon IPv6 packages.

Each client will be entitled to their very own Verizon /64 ipv6 ip range. There is no sharing between clients, so each range is specifically dedicated to just one client and his/her operations.

If you are a large account farmer, and you sell entire accounts and virtual machines in the same package, this is very convenient for you as the dedicated ipv6 address can travel with the virtual machine at the time you sell your accounts.

Verizon speed testing.

Verizon speed testing.


Speed testing of the Verizon network doesn’t show any lax speed. These are all top notch professionally maintained networks with the highest speeds available.


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