(How-To) Create VLAN’s for Mass Social Media Farming

For those mass social media farmers, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Google Adsense, basically anything to do with large scale farming operations can easily be handled by vlan technology and large amount of residential ipv6 ip addresses.

This video demonstrates the easiest ways to create mass farming environments without the need to resort to risky proxies that can always be detected. Instead, this technology uses vlan’s as its basis, which is just an extention of a wide area network.

Basically what we are doing is joining your physical computer (or your virtual machines) to our local network, which in turn grants your devices access to large amounts of ip’s from our local networks directly to the network card of your local machines.

The process in setting this all up is very simple and easily performed. It is a bit time consuming if you are setting up a brand new structure and are not yet prepared with your own virtual machines. But for those of you already setup, the rest of the process is quite easy.

What platforms does this method support? Hyper-V, VMWare, Oracle, and Virtual Box. The video above demonstrates how the setup procedure is done on a Microsoft Hyper-V server. This is the recommended type of setup.

Should you not want to acquire and setup your own infrastructure, IAPS has them available here: IPv6 VLAN Dedicated Services.

When it comes to mass social farming, VLAN technology is the way to move forward with the smallest risks possible.

This service is primarily geared towards United States based farming operations. This means for those farmers who mass create U.S. based accounts. It also permits export technology, whereas a large scale farming operation has the ability to sell the entire virtual machine with all accounts created/managed on it to their independent buyers.


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