Why “VPN Review” Site Owners Should Be Publicly Flogged

This article is going to focus on our continuing series as to why “VPN Review” site owners should be publicly flogged.

Today we’re going to focus on a few items that “VPN Review” site owners never touch on. Almost all of the vpn review site owners trump and herald that this or that vpn provider has no logs, won’t talk to law enforcement even when served with legal paperwork compelling them to do so. However, these are just sales pitches written by slick salesmen and blindly repeated by vpn review sites without any verification whatsoever.

How can a “VPN Review” site owner or lowly paid article writer even begin to verify the claims of these vpn owners? Simply put, they can’t. If you are on the outside trying to look in, you can’t see very much. So if you can’t see whats going on through the administrative end, how can you verify those claims? You can’t.

What motivates these “VPN Review” sites to continually produce garbage articles claiming “The Best VPN Service Provider?” I’ll tell you what motivates them: financial incentives. See all those links on their websites giving you direct access to their so-called “Best VPN Providers?” Yeah, buried in that link is their affiliate code. What this does is after mom and pop clicks on the link after believing the vpn reviewers sales pitch and if they order service from the “recommended” providers, they are rewarded by the vpn companies themselves with a percentage of the money mon and pop just spent with the vpn provider. This is one reason there are hundreds and hundreds of vpn review sites out there. Its all based on the same lies and the same financial rewards for the “VPN Review” websites.

The next time you see a vpn review site, remember who’s paying them.


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