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Board Registration

Postby Blue » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:55 pm

Hi folks.
Lately I've noticed a number of people registering on the board but remain "inactive", meaning they registered but have not activated their account yet.
Some of these inactive registrations go back a while so here are some new guidelines for registering;

Since an activation email is sent when you register, please check your spam folder just in case you missed it.
If your forum account has not been activated by you for at least 3 weeks from registering, the account will be deleted.

3 weeks is more than enough time for interested forum members to activate their accounts.
We still have quite a few forum registrations who are active but for some reason do not wish to participate or contribute which begs the question; why did you join in the first place :?:
This is not supposed to be a forum by mods for mods. This is a forum for not only IAPS services but for just about anything you wish to discuss in a civil manner.
We are drawing closer each day to the one year anniversary of this forum being up. At that time I will begin culling members who have not bothered with the forum in quite some time, probably something like 9months or more.

Jared has made the board available to all subscribers of IAPS services for product and general news updates or questions. But only by your participation can it really be what it is meant to be, a community.

Please do not complain to Jared about this message since as a forum administrator this is my decision and all questions or complaints about this new policy should be directed towards me.

Thanks again and lets make this the community which was envisioned at it's inception.

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