Summarized Releases for week of October 24, 2016

Here you will find the listing of new IAPS VPN service releases.

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Summarized Releases for week of October 24, 2016

Postby Jared » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:31 pm

The following new residential vpn networks will be released this week:

Argentina [CableVision] 2x networks
Argentina [Cotesma] 1x network
Argentina [Telecom Argentina] 1x network
Argentina [Telecom Personal] 2x networks
Brazil [Global Village Telecom] 5x networks
Brazil [Oi Internet] 1x network
Colombia [Colombia Telecomunicaciones] 2x networks
Colombia [Telmex Colombia] 1x network
Costa Rica [Costarricense] 2x networks
Germany [Deutsche Telekom] 2x networks
Jordan [Jordan Communications Co.] 2x networks
Mexico [Axtel] 2x networks
Mexico [Telmex] 8x networks
Mexico [Totalplay Telecommunications] 1x network
Mexico [MegaCable] 1x network
Oman [Omantel] 1x network
Panama [Cable & Wireless] 2x networks
Peru [Telefonica del Peru] 2x networks
Peru [Telmex Peru] 1x network
Portugal [PT Comunicacoes] 1x network
Russia [Arkhangelsk Television Company] 1x network
Saudi Arabia [SaudiNet] 5x networks
Spain [Telefonica de Espana] 5x networks
Thailand [True Internet] 1x network
United States [Verizon Fios] 15x networks

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