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Welcome to the revolution in SSHv2 Technology!

Based on the proven reliability of SSHv2 Technology (Secure Shell version 2), IAPS Security Services, L.L.C. has built a proven package of reliability far greater than that of traditional vpn services. Whereas traditional vpn services have a tendency to break a connection for various reasons, SSHv2 is much harder to break.

Unlike a vpn service, SSHv2 Technology lets you remain in complete control. VPN services automatically route your entire internet connection, and all programs through it. But SSHv2 Technology lets you specify what programs access the tunnel and which ones that you want to remain on your local internet connection. Under this method, we reduce un-necessary bandwidth usage being forced down the tunnel and giving you the freedom to keep using your local internet service provider for the things you want.

For poker players, this technology is very ideal because it doesn't require a third party firewall that has to be configured. SSHv2 tunnels have a simple philosophy behind them: no tunnel, no internet access. Its as simple as that. SSHv2 Technology does not default back to your local internet service provider like a vpn does. If a tunnel fails, your programs simply don't get any internet access period. This provides far greater protection against accidental disconnects from the remote network.

Data encryption is critical in this product. We use AES 256-bit CBC total encryption in this product. What this means is high level encryption and protection against all attempted eavesdropping. This includes connections originating from both hardwire and wireless connections. So if your sitting in Starbucks or any public place that offers free wifi, you can go about your business with complete confidence in knowing that your data is 100% protected.

IAPS administrators have employed additional server-side technology to our tunnels that further reduces wasted bandwidth by deploying internet-based ad-killing methods. By reducing the amount of advertisements a website can force in front of you, we can reduce the amount of wasted bandwidth and give you more for the programs that matter to you. Traditional vpn technology does not include this feature.

Most websites that offer this service only offer it for web browsers. However, thats only because they haven't figured out how to leverage the full power of this technology. Not only does IAPS offer it as a total solution, but we offer it because we can leverage its full power to support any program you have, regardless of what type of program.

The IAPS total solution will let you view in real-time the programs that are accessing your tunnel. So you have the ability to watch what programs are connected to the remote tunnel at all times, as well as what programs are not accessing the tunnel. You always have the option of adding additional programs to the tunnel, as well as removing programs that you don't want using the tunnel. There is also a bandwidth monitor that lets you see the total amount of bandwidth you've used for that session, and you always have the option of shutting down/disabling the tunnel completely when its not necessary.

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