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IPv6 Dedicated Residential Remote Desktop -

Are you looking for IPv6 residential ip's? You've come to the right place. This network provides you with the following:

1.) A dedicated remote desktop that permits you access to the IAPS residential IPv6 network.
2.) Your choice of operating system (Windows 7, 8.1, or 10).
3.) Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus pre-installed.
4.) Your choice of how much ram (memory) you need.
5.) A dual stack IPv4/IPv6 for initial rdp connectivity (IPv4 just for connection purposes if you do not have a native ipv6 connection supplied by your local isp).
6.) See the IAPS IPv6 location listing here.
7.) When going through the checkout process, use the above linked listing to view and then input your preferred location in the order notes section before you finalize the checkout procedure.

Possible usage cases include:

1.) Google [Adwords, Gmail, Google Plus]
2.) Youtube
3.) Facebook
4.) Yahoo
5.) Netflix
6.) Telegram
7.) Linkedin
8.) Instagram
9.) Flickr
10.) Mass search engine data scraping

Secure Transaction This order form is provided in a secure environment and to help protect against fraud your current IP address ( is being logged.