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IPv6 Dedicated Residential Remote Desktop -

As the title says, this is a directly-on-the-network remote desktop system. Several options are provided so you can custom build your preferred remote desktop to exactly the specifications you prefer. Select all the specifics from operating system to ram to processor cores.

When you need direct connectivity to a residential network, this is the service you need. No interruptions, dedicated resources, and enough power for your daily tasks to be completed on a purely residential network.

This is a pure ipv6 remote desktop. It does not provide ipv4 connectivity, rather strictly ipv6 connectivity only. No leaks, directly on a high speed gigabit line, and ready to use.

Typical Remote Desktop hardware used:
Intel XEON class processors
Ram: 2 GB - 128 GB
Hard Drive: 128 GB Default
Optional: Additional Network Drive of up to 1 TB storage space

During the order process, you will need to visit the IPv6 Listing Page for locations and internet service providers that are available. Once you have chosen your exact city and isp, please write them in the order notes box before you checkout.

Secure Transaction This order form is provided in a secure environment and to help protect against fraud your current IP address ( is being logged.

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