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Facebook Marketing Package (RDP + 1,000 IPv6 Dedicated IP Addresses) -

The Facebook & Adwords Package (Remote Desktop + 1,000 IPv6 Dedicated IP Addresses) provides a marketer with everything he/she needs for the mass creation of Facebook Ad-Ready & Google Adwords accounts. This package includes the following:

1.) Microsoft Windows 10 Professional [v.1703]
2.) Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus (pre-installed)
3.) Mozilla Fire Fox (pre-installed)
4.) Google Chrome (pre-installed)
5.) One-click ipv6 ip changing app to switch ip's easily

Technical hardware specifications of the remote desktop:

1.) Installed ram: 10 GB DDR3
2.) Processor: Intel Xeon with 8 cores
3.) Network Speed: 1 GB/s
4.) 1000 Dedicated IPv6 IP Addresses [changeable by one-click app]

One-click IPv6 ip change software included:

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