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- The Most Professional Secured Email Platform

Based on Microsoft's Exchange 2013 Server platform, IAPS Security Services is pleased to release our version of secured email. With both client-based and webmail available for your browser, this email system can deliver on even the most demanding services.

Full support for all your devices: PC, Mac, Linux, and every mobile device imaginable. Easily manage all your email in front of a computer or on the go! Send and receive email securely, knowing that your device is using TLS (Transport Layer Security) 100% of the time.

IAPS Security Services, L.L.C. has added a rule to our Exchange 2013 servers that prohibits the sending of the users real ip address on all outgoing emails. This means that you can send email safely, whether on a computer or a mobile device and not have to use vpn's, sshv2, or proxies. Our Exchange 2013 servers strip out the senders information before delivering your emails to their intended destination.

For those of you familiar with Microsoft Office 2010/2013, and those that like the look and feel of Outlook 2010/2013 can keep your existing configurations and add an IAPS secured email to your client. You also have the ability to place forwarders on all your other email accounts to forward those emails into one secured account.

The webmail portion of this service (the browser based portion), is packed full of features including:

-- The look and feel of the Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook Client.
-- The ability to share calendars and schedules with your family or colleagues.
-- Absolutely no advertisements of any kind. A pure interface is what you receive.
-- Full support for all types of mobile devices and syncing.
-- Powerful junk email filters that put spam to rest.
-- Setup inbox rules, automatic replies, delivery reports, and set retention policies.
-- Setup of meeting requests, responses, and notification.
-- Don't want the english interface? Change it to any language you want!
-- Offline Email: work while your computer is offline, and send mail when your online.

IAPS Security Services, L.L.C. has a general policy of not storing encryption keys at our server level. This stops any government from requesting decryption keys, simply because we'd have nothing to give them. As such, all email encryption can be done on the client side through the use of various plugins. This way, only the client remains in complete control of their keys.

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