Free AT&T VPN Service

Welcome to the free public vpn service offered by IAPS Security Services, Ltd. and sponsored by AT&T.

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The instructions for setting up your account are as follows:

Username: guest
Password: guest
Setting Name: AT&T Free Public VPN Server
Port Number: 443
Auth Type: Password Authentication
Skype Support: iaps_support (IAPS Administrative Support)
Email Support:

First, install the vpn software here.

Once we have the software installed, we need to run it and install a new virtual network adapter. Keep all the defaults in place and create the adapter.

Once the adapter is created and you are back on the main screen, right click and select New VPN Connection Settings.

Using the information from above, your results should look like this:

Once all is in place, click ok and go back out to the main screen. Your newly created vpn is there and to connect, just right click on the connection name and select connect.

This vpn client gives you 100% control. Not only do you have built-in distributed dns service, but if you right click on your newly created vpn connection and select "Properties" and then "Advanced Settings" you will see a multitude of options you can use in your vpn connection, or you can erase some settings depending on what your preferences are.

** You are highly encouraged to set the vpn advanced settings options as follows in this picture:**

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