The Global Telecom Package is all of the IAPS Residential VPN Services rolled into a single piece of software package conveniently for quick and rapid use. Users have the ability to quickly switch between any of our residential telecom / residential internet service providers. We have included a few commercial networks that will be replaced with residential networks when they become available.

Over time we will add additional networks to this package and current subscribers will receive access to newly added networks as they become available. This service contains the following:

Argentina (Gigared, S.A.) [Residential]
Andorra (Andorra Telecom) [Residential]
Belgium (OVH BE) [Commercial]
Brazil (CTBC / Algar Telecom) [Residential]
Canada (Bell Canada) [Residential]
Canada (OVH CA) [Commercial]
China (China Telecom) [Residential]
Costa Rica (Racsa Telecom # 1) [Residential]
Costa Rica (Racsa Telecom # 2) [Residential]
Czech Republic (OVH CZ) [Commercial]
Finland (OVH FI) [Commercial]
France (OVH FR) [Commercial]
Germany (OVH DE) [Commercial]
Greece (Forthnet) [Residential]
Hungary (Invitel Tavkozlesi Zrt.) [Residential]
India (Tata Communications) [Residential]
Ireland (OVH IE) [Commercial]
Italy (KPNQ West Italia # 1) [Residential]
Italy (KPNQ West Italia # 2) [Residential]
Italy (KPNQ West Italia # 3) [Residential]
Italy (KPNQ West Italia # 4) [Residential]
Italy (KPNQ West Italia # 5) [Residential]
Italy (Telecom Italia Main) [Residential]
Italy (Telecom Italia # 1) [Residential]
Italy (Telecom Italia # 2) [Residential]
Italy (Telecom Italia # 3) [Residential]
Italy (Telecom Italia # 4) [Residential]
Italy (Telecom Italia # 5) [Residential]
Italy (Tiscali / Wireless Gate # 1) [Residential]
Italy (Tiscali / Wireless Gate # 2) [Residential]
Italy (Tiscali / Wireless Gate # 3) [Residential]
Italy (Tiscali / Wireless Gate # 4) [Residential]
Italy (Tiscali / Wireless Gate # 5) [Residential]
Japan (Softbank Telecom) [Residential]
Latvia (Kopideja) [Residential]
Lithuania (OVH LT) [Commercial]
Mexico (Iusacell) [Residential]
Mexico (Mega Cable) [Residential]
Moldova (Orange) [Residential]
New Zealand (Voyager) [Residential]
Russia (ArtPlanet) [Commercial]
Singapore (Tata Communications) [Residential]
Slovenia (Tusmobil) [Residential]
South Korea (SK Telecom) [Residential]
Switzerland (OVH CH) [Commercial]
Ukraine (HP) [Commercial]
United Kingdom (British Telecommunications) [Residential]
United Kingdom (Clouvider) [Commercial]
United States (AT&T Wireless) [Residential]
Vietnam (Viettel) [Residential]

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Friday, March 6, 2015

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