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We've made numerous changes this year to many of our vpn services. All of it has been done to create a service that the world hasn't seen before, that being: residential vpn networks on demand. These are literally 600+ vpn service providers out there in nearly every major country on the planet, yet they are all doing the same thing: vpn services based out of standard data centers using ip addresses easily identifiable to every network administrator on the planet.

IAPS was the first one to change all that. In less than 8 months, we have transformed every country that we carried into pure residential services. We've searched high and low for some of the most recognized names in the residential isp industry, we've spent thousands of hours researching, contracting, testing, and building these new networks. We've spent a fortune setting up these new networks in an effort to show the world that not every one plays follow the leader.

In April 2015 we were able to professionaly contract one of the largest cable companies in the U.S. that I've been after for a long time: Comcast Cable, based in Delaware. And yesterday, after long adue, I was finally able to get a permanent contract from Virgin Media in the United Kingdom. So both Comcast in the United States and Virgin Media in the United Kingdom will be permanent additions to our global residential networks and we'll never have a service lapse with these countries again.

I was able to obtain several new residential networks this month including Australia's Exetel, Germany's QSC, Russia's Ros Telecom, Argentina's CPC Metrotel, Canada's Teksavvy DSL, Rogers Cable, Telus, Storm Internet, and Magma Communications. Our residential services listing now includes the following:

Andorra (Residential ISP: Servei de Telecomunicacions d'Andorra)
Argentina (Residential ISP: Gigared, S.A.)
Argentina (Residential ISP: CPS Metrotel)
Australia (Residential ISP: Exetel)
Brazil (Residential ISP: CTBC / Algar Telecom)
Canada (Residential ISP: Bell Canada)
Canada (Residential ISP: Teksavvy DSL)
Canada (Residential ISP: Rogers Cable)
Canada (Residential ISP: Magma Communications)
Canada (Residential ISP: Storm Internet)
Canada (Residential ISP: Telus)
Chile (Residential ISP: GTD Internet, S.A.)
China (Residential ISP: China Telecom)
Costa Rica (Residential ISP: Racsa Telecom)
Cyprus (Residential ISP: Logosnet)
Estonia (Residential ISP: Levira)
France (Residential ISP: Free SAS)
Germany (Residential ISP: QSC)
Greece (Residential ISP: Forthnet)
Hungary (Residential ISP: Invitel Tavkozlesi Zrt.)
India (Residential ISP: Tata Communications)
Ireland (Residential ISP: Digiweb)
Israel (Residential ISP: Bezeq International)
Italy (Residential ISP: Telecom Italia)
Italy (Residential ISP: Tiscali)
Italy (Residential ISP: KPNQ West Italia)
Italy (Residential ISP: Infracom)
Japan (Residential ISP: Softbank Telecom)
Latvia (Residential ISP: Kopideja)
Luxembourg (Residential ISP: Telindus Telecom)
Malta (Residential ISP: Bellnet)
Mexico (Residential ISP: Mega Cable)
Mexico (Residential ISP: Telmex DSL)
Moldova (Residential ISP: Orange)
Netherlands (Residential ISP: Ziggo)
New Zealand (Residential ISP: Voyager Internet, Ltd.)
Norway (Residential ISP: Altibox)
Panama (Residential ISP: Cable Onda)
Romania (Residential ISP: RCS & RDS)
Russia (Residential ISP: Ros Telecom)
Russia (Residential ISP: Megafon)
Singapore (Residential ISP: Tata Communications)
Slovenia (Residential ISP: Tusmobil, D.O.O.)
South Africa (Residential ISP: Mweb)
South Korea (Residential ISP: Korea Telecom)
Sweden (Residential ISP: Bahnhof)
Taiwan (Residential ISP: Hinet)
Taiwan (Residential ISP: Koos Broadband Telecom)
Turkey (Residential ISP: Turk Telecom)
Turkey (Residential ISP: SGS Telecom)
United Arab Emirates (Residential ISP: Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Co.)
United Kingdom (Residential ISP: Virgin Media)
United States (Residential ISP: AT&T Wireless [California])
United States (Residential ISP: Comcast Cable [Delaware])
Vietnam (Residential ISP: Viettel)
Vietnam (Residential ISP: Ming Tu Telecom)

We are working night and day to complete many more networks. We still have our eyes set on British Virgin Islands, Belgium, Thailand, Uruguay, Guatemala, Morocco, Egypt, and a few more. We will acquire them as soon as possible. A few of our marketing  clients have asked us recently if it was possible to obtain many residential ip addresses on U.S. residential networks. This is now possible on our Comcast Cable network. We can build nearly any design you want on that network and supply as many Comcast Cable ip addresses as your heart desires. If you need this particular service, get in touch with me on skype (iaps_support) and we can discuss your options for that network.

For those British tv watchers and our poker players that needed British residential ip addresses, please note that I will begin issuing Virgin Media networks in the next 24 hours. Yesterday the contract was finalized and paid, so we'll begin taking delivery of their networks in the next 12 hours or so.

As always, if you need anything, please reply via email ( or catch us on skype: iaps_support. Thank you and have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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