Hi Folks,

This update is primarily for poker players. For those of you not aware in the poker world, the new preferred account type for yourselves is the Dedicated SSHv2 Tunnel Package. Please do not confuse this with the shared package. The Dedicated SSHv2 Tunnel Package has so many advantages over traditional vpn's including a built-in firewall that provides 100% protection against network disconnections and it is far simpler to setup and use over a standard vpn.

Besides those two plus factors, you can hardly tell that the Tunnel is there at all. It does not cause any system lag, uses minimal local system resources, and is your absolute guarantee of protection. This package is available in nearly any poker country you can imagine, as well as 5 tropical island locations. If you'd like to discuss this product, please catch Jared on Skype or send us an email.

Earlier in September I posted our master location listing in our knowledgebase. Have a look at these locations here.

Keep in mind that the knowledgebase was built entirely for clients. It contains many answers to the most commonly asked questions. It is well worth looking through.

Encrypted Voice, Video, & Chat Services are back by popular demand. We have put up multiple servers working together to make this the best and most efficient service ever. Click the link to have a read about what this service is, and how it works to keep your conversations and video chats completely encrypted and private.

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Email Services are a go. This service also has brand new servers up and operating at maximum efficiency. Keep in mind that we have stripped the senders ip address from being sent in outgoing emails on this service. We know everyone likes their privacy, and since email is the most used service on the internet, we thought we'd remove any identifiers from outgoing emails to permit a users privacy to remain intact. This means that no receiver of your emails can trace them back to you via your email address.

As always, if you have any questions or comments,or even a new product idea, please get in touch with us. Thank you.

Jared Twyler
Chief Executive Officer
IAPS Security Services, L.L.C.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

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