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Over the past 2 months IAPS has been working on creating the world’s first global national telecom vpn network. This is a process where we contract with various nationalized telecom companies to receive access to their networks to build whatever server structure we desire. Our goal in this project is to create the world’s first 100% telecom / local isp vpn networks. Our main plan in this venture is to put a permanent stop to geo-location blocks that cannot be achieved in normal data centers, where regular servers can be purchased by nearly anyone without a formal contract. The end result would be users connected to a vpn network and their ip address is issued by a local isp telecom, thereby defeating any geo-blocks by websites, tv providers, gambling networks, and for those expats abroad who have credit cards from their home countries that have difficulties using them online because their ip address do not match the country of issuance. I have spoken with many diplomats over the years who are assigned to different posts throughout the years with just this issue.


These ideas are but a few of the advantages of this project.  The other advantages are security and safety of a local isp, with the proper usage of encryption and privacy built into the networks automatically by IAPS server administrators. Telecom contracts are not easy to get and they require time, patience, and corporate credentials from the entity requesting the resources. To date, IAPS has received the cooperation of the following telecom companies and/or local internet service providers:


For Brazil: Oi (Contract is still pending)

For Canada: Bell Canada (Contract/Infrastructure already issued)

For Czech Republic: Telefonica Czech Republic (Contract to be finalized on October 27, 2014)

For Costa Rica: RACSA (Contract/Infrastructure already issued)

For India: Tata Communications (Contract/Infrastructure already issued)

For Italy: Tiscali (Contract/Infrastructure already issued)

For Italy: Telecom Italia (Contract is still pending)

For Singapore: Tata Communications (Contract/Infrastructure already issued)

For Spain: Telefonica de Espana (Contract/Infrastructure already issued)

For Taiwan: Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (Contract/Infrastructure already issued)


This is not a short-term project and will take at least 2 years to be properly put in place for all countries, or as many as can be acquired. However, we do need the help of outside businesses and personnel. There are some national telecom companies that will not sell their infrastructures to non-nationalized companies or private citizens of another country. Some telecom organizations require you to be a citizen of their country before they will contract their services. This is where IAPS is asking for the cooperation of its clients, as they are located in almost every country on earth and have the opportunity to help us achieve what has never been done before.


We are currently looking amongst our clients from over the past 8 years that are nationals of the following countries to help us in our endeavor:


United Kingdom: British Telecommunications

Switzerland: Swisscom



China (China Unicom / China Netcom)

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Broadband Network)


These 6 countries are what we are trying to obtain next. If any of you have additional suggestions on countries that you would like acquired, or countries that you can help us obtain, we are all ears. Our goal in this project is to tie together as many local isp and telecom networks as possible to create an unblockable network for everyone’s benefit. As I was mentioning earlier, normal data center ip ranges are easily identifiable, and as in the case of American and British tv provider websites examples over the years, easily blocked. What we want to create here is a global network where vpn users cannot be identified as vpn users. We would like all folks to appear to the internet as though they were actually in these countries and on a local internet provider. In order to do this, we need as much help as possible.


As this project is not short-term and will take many hundreds of hours to contract, implement, program, write software for, and issue, we are also looking for long-term investors. Contracting with telecom providers is not a cheap venture and we are seeking immediate investments for this project. It is our projected cost analysis initially that running telecom networks annually will run us in the $200,000 USD range. The long term ROI (return on investment) will be triplefold in nature once appropriate marketing and word-of-mouth begins. This venture, if properly funded will be the first of its kind and will make internet history. IAPS is proud to be part of this history and we hope that all of you will as well.


For those clients that want a taste of the residential networks already in operation can head on over to the IAPS website and check it out. For those potential investors out there that wish to become part of our history, please reply to this email or find me on skype. Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Jared Twyler

Chief Executive Officer

IAPS Security Services, L.L.C.

Skype: iaps_support

Blog: http://www.jareds-blog.com

Web: http://www.intl-alliance.com/store

Knowledgebase: http://www.intl-alliance.com/store/knowledgebase.php

Sunday, October 26, 2014

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