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As most of you already know, we've made a massive investment in 100% residential networks. These new networks are offered in a variety of different services, which can be located as follows:

Residential VPN's: https://www.intl-alliance.com/store/cart.php?gid=15
Residential SSHv2 Tunnels: https://www.intl-alliance.com/store/cart.php?gid=18
Residential Remote Desktops: https://www.intl-alliance.com/store/cart.php?gid=17

IAPS Security Services, L.L.C. has invested a huge amount of time in contracting, setting up, programming, and deploying these networks. Our residential network services are not based on standard data center services that other vpn companies offer. Our services are based on 100% residential internet service providers that typically offer their services in-country to local dsl and cable users.

After nearly a decade of offering standard data center services, we saw an opportunity to break out of the traditional mold that all vpn companies use, which are data centers that house thousands of servers that can be purchased by anyone. We saw an opportunity to contract with residential internet service providers and we took it.

Although we still provide standard data center services, our newest residential networks provide you with an ip address from a residential internet service providers that cannot be disputed on the web by other network or website providers because all the other providers see is a natural residential internet service provider ip address. This completely breaks the standard vpn providers typical offering because vpn users can no longer be identified as vpn users because they are not being issued data center ip addresses, which are easily identifiable by nearly all network operators.

So this is a huge milestone event for the vpn industry and IAPS Security Services, L.L.C. is very proud to be the pioneer in this venture!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

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