1 Month IPv6 Verizon Package (Facebook & Adwords)


Verizon IPv6 Residential Dedicated IP VLAN on Your Hardware

Number of Verizon IPv6 Addresses: 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (IPv6 /64)

For those mass social media account creators out there (facebook and/or Google Adwords) IAPS brings you brand new technolgy. Instead of the proxies coming to you, which was the traditional way to get ip address, there is a new and better way to go about getting those ip addresses you need, but in a much more technological way and without the risk of webrtc/browser/dns leaks.

Introducing the global ipv6 local area network. Designed specifically for folks who do not have native ipv6 access to get native ipv6 access. By bridging your machines to our global ipv6 lan, your systems (virtual machines) become a part of our networks and you put ip addresses directly on the network card of each system connected to our networks.

You do not need an ipv6 network of your own. Even if your local internet service provider does not have you connected to an ipv6 network, we can still bring our ipv6 networks to you as your systems become an extention of our networks within minutes, allowing you the benefit of native ip addresses instead of risky proxies.

This type of setup requires a few things on your part:

Hyper-V: This is a virtualization platform built into Windows 8.1, 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2, and Server 2016. Basically anything above Windows 7. Whats better, Microsoft produces it and doesn't require any licensing or fees to use it. It just requires you finding where its at within the operating system and activating it. Since Microsoft makes it, its the most native virtualization platform you can use as its already integrated into your operating system and it runs much better than virtual box or vmware.

Once you have the host machine and Hyper-V installed, we will configure the entire setup and you can watch and ask quesions as we go along. The configurations are many, which we can do in a short amount of time as we've done this thousands of times over, so its just a matter of routine to us. We will pull our own end-user iso's (Windows operating system dvd's to produce the virtual machines) and create the first few virtual machines and then show you how to connect each virtual machine to our network on a 24/7 linkup.

Once the virtual machines have been created, then we connect them each to the central ipv6 link and assign them their own ipv6 ip addresses and then you can begin setting up and personalizing your virtual machines for farming. The setup takes a bit of time, but once everything is moving smoothly you'll get the hang of how it works very quickly as its easy to work with this type of setup.

All thats required from you is:

Bringing us a host machine (running a Windows platform thats Hyper-V ready). We do all the rest while you watch. You don't need any technical abilities yourself. We handle all the technical stuff and all the setup procedures. We provide the iso's for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. We show you how to create vm's and then how to clone them for rapid setups of new machines in the future. We will walk you through the network cards and how to set those up as well.

If you do not have a host machine inside your house, you can get them in any data center. Our preferred data center is either OVH Canada or OVH France as both have the lowest cost and highest quality hardware. You can view their offers here:


I personally recommend servers from the "Infrastructure" series. These are medium to high class processor and ram servers suitable for multiple virtual machines.

The setup takes anywhere from 2-3 hours from start to finish. This includes hyper-v core settings, virtual machine creation, and network link-ups. For those of you that do not have iso's (the dvd's containing Windows 7, 8.1, and 10), we can provide those to you prior to creating the virtual machines.

For those farmers that farm 1 account per virtual machine and then sell the whole setup (vm + facebook or google account) this is very convenient as it contains everything your buyer will need to immediately get started. Whats convenient about this? The account never leaves the original platform or ip address it was created on. Your client gets exactly what you used to create it. For your client, we'll open the standard remote dekstop port and he/she will have rdp access to your virtual creation. So its an entire package ready for resale once you are done farming.

Why is this service critical to you? Unlike ipv4, ipv6 has a ratio of 1 million to 1 against ipv4's. There are only a total of 4 billion ipv4's across the entire world. Most all of these are already in use. There are zero "virgin" ipv4's left anywhere in the world. Now comes in ipv6 with quadrillions of ip addresses available. Its a never-ending supply of ip's like you've never seen before. Literally, you'll never run out of ipv6's and using them is simple.

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