Rent Your Residential IP Address

This section covers renting out your own residential ip address. The requirements are simple: your computer must remain powered on and running 24 hours a day. It must be running either a Microsoft Windows or Linux operating system. If running Linux, ports 22, 443, and 1194 must be open on your router. If running Microsoft Windows (any version) you must open port 3389 (standard rdp port).


IAPS Security Services, Ltd. will setup, program, vet, and permit access via standard vpn protocols only, properly approved clients that we believe to be the best fit for your location. We will not permit network abuse (fraud, spamming, or any other types of malicious uses) on client provided networks. Furthermore, IAPS Security Services, Ltd. will provide an equal matching residential network from the country of choice to the client providing us his/her residential network.

Under the terms of this offer, this is a simple trade whereas no cash trades hands, only network access. Client will be able to choose his/her own network from the IAPS Security Services, Ltd.'s Residential VPN Network Listing. In the event that said client stops providing his/her local network, IAPS Security Services, Ltd. will also take reciprocal measures to the network provided to said client.

Minimum Speed Requirement: 50 mb/s.

If you are interested, or if you have additional questions please address them via email to: or contact us via skype: iaps_support (IAPS Administrative Support)

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