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A residential vpn doesn’t use a standard data center like traditional vpn services do. A residential vpn service uses the same local internet service providers that offer dsl and cable to home users. This type of service is very unusual in the vpn arena because normal providers of vpn services do not offer this type of service. It is generally unheard of in the vpn world.

IAPS Security Services, Ltd. has gone outside the normal channels and has contracted directly with residential internet service providers to make this type of service possible.

What are the benefits of using a residential internet service provider over traditional data center servers?

The benefits are literally huge. For example, a poker site or an online tv streaming website will look at your ip address and see that it comes from a residential internet service provider and let you go about your way.

However, if they were to see a traditional data center ip address they always have the option of blocking that ip address because they know the user is not located in the country they are trying to appear from. It is very easy for a network administrator to see your ip address and instantly know whether your on a residential local internet service provider or you are attached to a data center server.

IAPS Security Services, Ltd. aims to put a stop to this discrimination and to let you be whoever you say you are. While you are surfing on a residential vpn that we provide, you look as normal as the folks actually sitting in that country on his local internet service provider.

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